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Learn How to Easily Plumb a Post with Post King

Install Posts on Your Own

The Post King is the only tool available that Supports the post and Levels the post for you. No more waiting around for a mate to give you a hand ! Get stuck into those projects NOW!

It’s useful for tradies too! Chad from Victoria had this to say: “I don’t often see new tools come out in my trade, but this is bloody sensational! Saved me having to put on extra crew.”

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How Post King was Born

Post King came into fruition after being frustrated at a project I was working on where I had to plumb a number of posts. The traditional method took a large amount of time with long lengths of wood criss crossing throughout the work site. I thought there had to be an easier way! Hence Post King was born.

The old way of plumbing a post is time consuming, fiddly and takes the enjoyment out of a project. Post King is a simpler, quicker, cost effective way of installing a post. The product is designed to be used by one person reducing your labour costs. You’ll also be working in a safer environment having a less cluttered work site.

Post King Post Leveller in Australia

Quick Product Specs

Post King caters for both square and round posts up to 175mm in thickness or diameter. When fully extended, Post King can support a pole of up to 3.6meters high (not including hole depth) or a pole with a maximum weight of 65kg. Post King has stud feet which can also be additionally secured using the pegs provided.