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How to Use Post King


Pre-Start Check

  • Check for underground services prior to digging hole or pegging legs
  • Do not use Post King in strong or gusty winds
  • Never use Post King with missing, worn or damaged parts
  • Never repair Post King without permission from manufacturer
  • Destroy and replace Post King if exposed to excessive heat such as in the case of a fire, or any corrosive agents like acid or alkalis.

Correct Setup and Use

Step 1 in plumbing and levelling a post
Lean Post into dug hole.
Strapping the Post King levelling tool to the wooden post.
Step 2 in plumbing and levelling a post

Place the Main Frame of Post King at a maximum height of 1.5m from ground level onto the Post/Pole and secure top velcro strap first, then bottom strap.

Raise Post to an upright position using the two spirit vials. Keep one hand on post from this step onwards.

Making sure the Post King leveling tool is less than 1.5m from the ground.
Step 3 in plumbing and levelling a post
Undo leg lock screw of one leg, angle and extend leg to ground past pre-dug hole.
Extending out the legs of the Post King levelling tool towards the ground.
Step 4 in plumbing and levelling a post
With your foot, push down on the foot pad of leg, so leg grabs into the ground, then tighten leg screw. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for other leg.
Pushing the leg of the Post King post levelling tool into the ground and tightening the leg screws.
Step 5 in plumbing and levelling a post
Use provided pegs to secure both legs to ground. Place hook end of peg across foot pads and hammer in.
Using a hammer to secure the leg of the post levelling tool into the ground.
Step 6 in plumbing and levelling a post
Level one side at a time by undoing the leg lock screw, and use the vial above the opposite leg to level that side of the post, and then repeat for the other leg.
Using the two bubbles on the post levelling device to make sure the post is level.
Step 7 in plumbing and levelling a post
Pour concrete, then after concrete mix has set, remove Post King.
Mixing the concrete and pouring it in once the post levelling tool has been used.
Safety Instructions for the Post King post levelling tool.
  • Always follow safe operating instructions when using this post levelling tool
  • Do not exceed load limits 65kg: Post/Pole of 175mm x 175mm
  • Height from ground – 3.6m (not including hole depth)
  • Always secure both legs with pegs provided
  • Keep people away from fall zone of Post/Pole
  • Only use Post King as a temporary support
  • Do not leave Post King unattended